Difference is the engine of the world.

Take the Stirling Engine. The engine is able to stay in motion due to a temperature difference. As the piston heats up it expands, the air inside it cools it down as a result, lowering the pressure. Then, the wheel brings the piston back down compressing the air in the piston, which heats it up along with the added heat the pressure increases and pushes the piston back up again. These heat and pressure differences make the engine work away until the temperature difference weakens or disappears and frictional losses build up to stop the wheel.

In the same way:

  • The differences between peoples’ skills create the economy.
  • The difference of peoples’ perception of value create markets.
  • The difference of peoples’ tastes, create culture.
  • The difference of peoples’ culture creates politics.
  • The difference in politics creates conflicts.
  • Conflict creates the opportunity to learn new skills, change perceptions of value, update tastes, shift culture and change politics, making tomorrow different and starting the cycle over again.

P.S. In this regard, conflict doesn’t have to mean violence. It can simply mean a tension between ideas that grows until the equilibrium breaks. Sometimes that results in violence and that’s not what we want. Most times, the world shifts and we just don’t recognize it as being newsworthy, but it happens consistently and continuously.