The thing about art…

is that most people don’t know where to begin with it.

I’m not even talking about the techniques. I’m talking about the subject matter.

“What should I paint?” Is a more common struggle than, “How should I paint it?”

The reason that most people struggle is because the world is infinite in scope. As a result, there isn’t any criteria to be applied, and the decision becomes enormous.

Of course, CREATIVES (emphasis because this implies it takes someone special, rather than committed) understand that I can paint this subject today, and tomorrow I’ll have the opportunity to do a different one. Over time, they’ll find a subject matter they like, that matches with their skill and resonates with their audience.

If you are in the business of creativity, this is an opportunity. My wife as an example is an interior designer. Her clients often say “I don’t know where to start.” That’s because they can start with furniture, flooring, lighting, décor, paint, it can be this room, that room, the kitchen. It feels overwhelming. Having someone come in and say “This is where to begin.” is soothing even if that person is making an arbitrary decision. They are sharing what is needed to get the client to start “painting” or whatever the art they are waiting to start is.

Creating art is about putting down the lines in the sand and setting the stage to build on. It’s valuable to be someone who shows up and says “This is what’s possible, and start showing others.”