Dash Cams

I’ve written about Dash Cams before, and how envious of an industry they are in.

Everything that the dash cams themselves do is “Show, don’t tell.” For generations, in court following an accident both parties had to tell what happened. Now, a dash cam can show what happened. As a result, in the marketing for dash cams you can also show others what happened and it’s powerful.

Showing will always be more powerful than telling, however, the struggle is that showing nearly always takes more effort and preparation than telling. Most times it’s at least an order of magnitude, but it can be several more orders of magnitude. After all, a Pixar movie is a significant effort. They could tell you the story in after crafting it for a short period of time, but producing the imagery, looks of characters, sounds, and everything else is an enormous undertaking. Yet, all of that effort has produced amazing results for Pixar.

Long story short, showing is a significant investment, but it pays off because of the power it contains. If you can create a system that constantly shows its value with little human action needed, you’ll have a powerful source of marketing for the future. Those dash cam companies don’t know how good they have it!

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