Art vs. Science

It seems like everyone in the world constantly tries to define the difference and the overlap between these two.

I myself have written various definitions, distinguished between the two, and tried to get people to understand that what they often think of as science, like chemistry can have an artistic component to it and how things are discovered and how breakthroughs are made.

While things they think of as art, perhaps something like baking, can have a significant science component to it.

For me, I’ve finally nailed down the simplest definition I can think of. If it can be done perfect, it’s a science. If there is no such thing as perfect for what you are doing, it’s art.

Is there such a thing as managing your finances, perfectly? No. What would that even mean, spending no money? Therefore, it’s the art of finance.

Can you bake a cake to the perfect doneness? Not too dry, not under cooked? Yes. Then that part is the science of baking.

Art = perfection isn’t possible.

Science = perfection is the goal