I’m in a dip.


Like a mental dip.

I don’t know what to write about at the moment AND it feels like I never even had anything to write about up until now.

Reading my stuff in August, the physical analogy would be being on a treadmill and getting tired but still managing to fall to the next step even if barely able to keep going. AND THAT’S OKAY!

The reason I’m writing this is because eventually it’ll be easy to look back years from now and say, “Oh yea, I just did the work,” forgetting that there were periods of struggle, while just a couple weeks into a dip and it already feels like I can’t write much more, and that I never had anything to say at all. How quick we give in to our self-pity!

Something that reminded me this is just a dip is that I’m a couple weeks behind on putting up my Best of Blogs for June and July. While going back to read July’s writings, I realize how much I had to convey that month. Quite an amount of blogs to choose a top 3 from. Not every month is that way.

So what happened between the end of July and August?

Life happened.

I started redoing my bedroom with my wife, tearing it apart to fix some holes, repaint, put up new window treatments, etc. In the middle of that, our dishwasher took a dump. As soon as I get the dishwasher removed, but not yet replaced, our only car needed repairs and was unusable. So, while having the normal responsibilities of life still, I couldn’t get anywhere easily for a week, had to wash all of our considerable amount of dishes by hand for two weeks since there was complications in the replacement, have a room that still isn’t done and by extension a house that has quite a bit out of place. All of that took a toll. One that will eventually fade, and the dip will eventually be forgotten, but nonetheless, in any work these kinds of things are inevitable.

During the dip, I didn’t have time to read my normal materials, the kinds that fill me up with questions and ideas, nor did I have time to ponder about improvements, or work on something that gave me insight. It was about getting the tasks done so we could get back to normal.

Enough with the whining, here’s the conclusions:

  • Life happens, and sometimes it sets us back momentarily. The decision to be setback permanently, however is yours alone.
  • When you lose faith, circle back to your past. That’s the minimum amount of skill you are capable of because your best work lies in front of you.
  • Everyone has dips because there is a rhythm to life and the world. Could you imagine music if it was always the same note instead of a mix of lows and highs? Uninteresting.
  • Keep doing the work and your rhythm will naturally get back on track.

Keep these in mind in case you ever enter a dip like this.

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