What if you hired a programmer as an administrator?

When I think of administrators at a company, I think of an overworked, often underpaid and under-appreciated person who keeps everything organized and running. In fact, I work with someone who is amazing at this type of work and appreciate everything that they do for me.

However, I’ve often thought about what it would be like if you put different people with different skillsets in these kinds of roles. A programmer is a marketable skill, as a result, you usually don’t find them as administrators, but what if you did?

My initial thoughts is much of the position would quickly disappear. Anything routine would be automated quickly, and with nothing left to be programmed, this person likely wouldn’t like the job any longer, and it would be time to bring in a more typical administrator.

Often a certain role gets filled with archetypes, whether that role is administration, sales, programming, or any other craft. These archetypes then perpetuate the same type of operation that always exist everywhere because they think similarly, which is why they are attracted to similar types of roles. It may be useful to fill a role with someone non-typical to see if they can transform the way the role is seen or operates in a positive way.