A recipe video whose title doesn’t mention the dish.

What good is that?

nYou’re searching for recipes, but can’t find the video because it never references the name of the dish being cooked at all. Instead it references “The best dinner ever” or “A unbelievably simple dinner that tastes amazing”

These videos are significantly different than “The Best Beef Wellington”. They serve a different audience. The Beef Wellington video serves someone who knows a bit about food. Someone who has a direct interest in food. The unnamed recipe videos serve someone who is just looking for something tasty to eat, but likely isn’t interested in food beyond its role as sustenance.

This is an example of marketing and serving the audience you’ve selected. There can be more room in a space then you imagined if you are alert, aware of trends and recognize who is underserved. Of course the product should also match the audience. If the audience isn’t interested in food beyond tonight, you don’t need to teach them all the intricacies of cooking and techniques, just list the steps quickly and efficiently.

It’s always worth reviewing whether you keep to the promises of the group you’re seeking to serve. In the case of a “An unbelievably simple dinner that tastes amazing” It should be efficient, easy to follow the video and should taste good without too much possibility of going wrong.