Low frequency events are the things we struggle with.

That seems obvious because we don’t get to do them over and over and get good at them. What are some things that are low frequency?

  • Choosing a career or business to start
  • Choosing a life partner (for most people at least)
  • Deciding which house to buy
  • How to react to a sudden world event (9/11, war, pandemics, etc)

Most people have a hard time deciding on all of these things. Yet, learning to get comfortable in these one off scenarios is a valuable skill. In fact, when you think about the traditional hierarchy of a company, at the top executives are dealing with low frequency events all the time. Changes in offerings, new buildings, technological disruptions, and the like are the purview of the C-Suite. The further down the rungs you go, the greater the frequency of the tasks for the role. A ticketer at an airline repeats printing tickets and baggage claim receipts over and over all day.

The world rewards people that find ways to make good decisions during low frequency events. Get used to operating in ambiguity and you’ll find yourself with more opportunity than ever before.