Internal Values and External Values Mismatch

If you read much of the leadership mottos that float around you’ll find things like:

“1% better everyday”

If you search that, see how many results come up. You can use this link below to do that and come back:

As you can see it’s a huge number of posts on it.

The interesting thing about this, is no one I know disagrees with the concept in theory. In everyone’s mind they are accepting of this, but there is often a mismatch and it can be situational.

I’ll apply my own experience. I’m a competitive bowler. Over the years, I’ve learned about rosin making my grip more consistent. I’ve learned about rubber grips that make the fingers more comfortable. Wiping the ball with a towel between shots. Putting in a hard urethane thumb insert so every ball feels more consistent. Using tape to change the fit of the thumbhole as the thumb constantly swells and shrinks. I’ve also learned about changing slide soles depending on humidity.

Yet, a few things I don’t do:

  • Clean the equipment as regularly as I should
  • Refresh the surfaces consistently
  • Use switchable thumbs to make every ball feel exactly the same when changing them during competition
  • Use new grip spray that prevents the hand from sweating
  • Using tape on my thumb and fingers that make the friction at release more consistent

All of these things are tiny changes, that will make only incremental improvements. In the past, they seem like more effort than I want to put in for the results I expect they will produce. Yet, nearly everyone I’m losing to in competition is doing all of these things. If all five of these things only add up to one 9 count a game turning into a strike, it’s a 20 pin difference in average for players at my skill level. All this for knocking down one more pin a game and yet it makes a huge difference in scores.

My internal values and external values haven’t matched. I’ve been bowling for 20+ years. My physical game won’t get much better, it’s these little things that minimize inconsistencies that will make the difference, yet I ignored them, devalued them and ignore the results they are producing for others.

The world is filled with this. People that say they believe a certain way, but then don’t actually take actions that fit those beliefs. They may just be blind to it.

This next upcoming bowling season, I’m going to work on rectifying some of this and see how much improvement I see. I think it will be more drastic then I expect as my internal and external values come into alignment.

Is there anywhere in your life where you can correct an internal and external values mismatch?

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