The Miracle of Churches.

“Give and you’ll receive everything you do ten times over.”

That’s a common phrase that was uttered at churches in the past.

It felt like a miracle from god, and depending on your perspective it still can be, but I’d like to clarify something here:

The world runs on belief.

Imagine a small, rural town of 100 villagers in a small town, and a small church with 2-3 clergy people. The people sustain themselves. They are farmers. They are blacksmiths. There might be a saloon owner. They aren’t rich, they trade for goods and services they need, and occasionally they sell some things for money that they save for a rainy day. They attend the church to get their weekly dose of inspiration, to meet with the others in the community and to have a crutch during the hard times. As thanks, they tithe 10% of their earnings to the church.

In turn, the church needs pews, they buy those with the donations from the local carpenter, who with his new earnings, buys something nice from the local jeweler for his wife, and the cycle in the town continues. Each time these transactions continue, the people donate 10% back to the church which spends it on food, improving the church, helping the sick and more.

It’s quite possible that everything the church said is true, “Donate to us and you’ll get 10 times that in return,” however it’s the mechanism that most people don’t see. The spending of the church along with the inspiration of the bible to do more, help the community more, and be more, basically inspired people to spend their money more and create more than the minimum making the local carpenter build more furniture, the farmer plant and harvest more food, the jeweler make more jewelry and the whole town do more than just survive.

The world runs on belief, which is a powerful opportunity. We all have the opportunity to do more, be more, help more, inspire more, daily and if we do, everyone can live a higher standard of life. What an incredible opportunity. It’s worth pursuing regardless of the inspiration that motivates you.