Sleeping on an old mattress…

while my room is currently undergoing repainting and some other alterations. We’re all sharing my daughter’s room at the moment. It’s tight, and it gets warm at night with us all in there and it’s a reminder that if our life turned for the worst economically, this is about the worst that could happen, we’d be living in a tiny, cramped space like that for a period of time.

I have quite a few conversations with people who “want to make an impact” or “do something creative” who mention not having the finances to do what they want. Of course, this situation is just a reminder that is the most common way of letting ourselves off the hook. The reality is most people aren’t committed, and they haven’t developed their patience, nor their daily effort muscle. Part of this stems from not really knowing what they want to do. Part of it stems from fear.

Now, it’s not to say that there aren’t stories that end in homelessness, but often that goes along with other issues. For people that don’t have those additional issues, that cramped space, that old mattress, that’s the thing you’re actually scared of, along with the bruise to your ego. These things aren’t the boogeyman, just a temporary discomfort.