Ben and Jerry’s and thinking about how to expand your business.

When thinking of expanding an Ice Cream business what do you think of?

More flavors?

Different Cones?

How about Ice Cream Bars?

Different Ice Cream Sandwiches?

All of those things are the most likely. Thinking about who it’s for is less likely. Even less likely if who it’s for isn’t a human.

Pontch's Mix Doggie Desserts Multipack Minicups

Frozen Dog Treats?

Now that’s thinking in a different direction. The best thing about it? If you had just created a different bar of ice cream or flavor, you’d likely just be scraping from the same audience you already compete for. You might even up just trading people who like your old flavor for the new one, achieving no net growth. Here, you are reaching an entirely new audience.

There is always the direction you are thinking in PLUS the one that is 90 degrees from it. It’s always good to consider the pros and cons of both.