The value of a critic has been declining…

It used to be there wasn’t audio, video or any other way of thinking about the quality, talent, and acts in the world.

As the medium to share samples of a show grows, first through audio, then video, and now we are even on the verge of Augmented/Virtual Reality (Can you imagine feeling like the cast of Cirque De Soleis is in your living room?”), we can share samples of the work and let it speak for itself.

If we roll back to a time where this wasn’t possible, one critic may praise a show, while another critic demolishes another. In reality, more people may have actually enjoyed the show that got the bad review, but they had to rely on the critics’ taste.

This is a significant opportunity. There are no gatekeepers. There is nothing stopping you from putting something mind-blowing together and showing it to people, letting the audience decide what is great and what isn’t.

This is also scary. Quality of the work is everything, not favors, not nice words of encouragement from a positive critic with a big following. The work itself matters. Treat it that way, even if you’re not in show business.