Humans consume more oxygen in a day than food.

It doesn’t seem that way because we are surrounded by oxygen. It’s a major component of the atmosphere around us. Food often is also always around us, stocked in our pantry, a bowl of candies at the office, or your favorite food place down the street. Along with that, air is consumed constantly, breath by breath. We don’t even grab for it. So those thousands of light breaths a day add up. The average person consumes 0.8 kilograms of oxygen a day and only 0.6 kilograms of food.

This is something worth reflecting on because it’s such an accurate reflection of how we think about our lives. Often times we think, our job is our life. That without it, we can’t get where we want to go, be who we want to be, have the friends we want to have, and even just survive. However, the job is only the food. We need far more friendships, conversations, family time, tinker/play time, study, than anything job related. In fact, all of those things create the job opportunities, no different than the air helps people and plants grow.

When you focus on just one goal, just one thing you need, it’s highly likely you’re picking the wrong one, and that the one you are currently selecting is just the easiest/most obvious choice, not the best. It’s at least worth an effort to think about it.