Go for a walk

One piece of marital advice I was given prior to my wedding, “When you get in a fight with your spouse, go for a walk. It gives you time to clear your head.”

While this is good advice, I’ve also been learning about another interesting tidbit, indoor CO2 levels cause massive issues with cognitive functioning. Getting out and going for a walk may very well work because CO2 levels inside were too high and both people’s brains weren’t functioning properly as a result. This can be the result of heavy stove usage, a bunch of people in the house without proper ventilation, or just being home too much. I’ve recently bought an air quality monitor and it’s amazing how often when if stress in the house feels like it’s higher, often something about the air quality is much worse than usual.

Two things to think about from this story:

  1. Many times age old advice is true, but not for the reason we often think it is. History is filled with people figure out “how” first, then understanding “why” much later.
  2. Environmental variables may impact you more than you know. It seems crazy to think a poorly ventilated home could end a marriage, but it’s a possible culprit if it makes both parties unhealthy and not their usual accomodating selves. This may explain a phenomenon I heard about during COVID where many couples struggled much more than usual. Of course, we’ll never get the data we need to study that, so it’s just a hunch.