An entire internet of fiction.

With rapidly increasing technology, we are seeing Artificial Intelligence (AI) softwares that can write articles and responses that are nearly indistinguishable from human written pieces. While this has some positives, such as a small company being able to create as much content as a much larger one it also has many possible drawbacks:

  • Increased noise as the cost to produce content is driven to zero. So much content will be created it will become impossible to sort through. This is already partly the case, but it will get much worse.
  • No accountability of accuracy for much of what is written. There is no person’s reputation on the line. There is no home, no food, no security for their family at risk. It’s just a piece of software doing the writing.

These points taken together with the scale to produce non-stop content at the speed of computers, as well as the lack of accountability for creating something accurate and truthful, it’s possible we can see an entire internet crammed almost entirely with fiction. Nothing believable at all.

Some of this is already happening, and has been happening since the beginning of the internet. Some of this will get much worse. My optimistic look at it is that it will drive humans to live in the physical world again where it is much easier to determine software from people than the digital world.

I’m not someone who thinks about this stuff to set off alarm bells and become a political activist. I think about it in order to stay ahead of society in what will be valued in the future. You wouldn’t want to open a horse whip manufacturer right before automobiles were invented would you?

With that in mind, while the future and the rapidly increasing capabilities of technology make it hard to predict the exact right thing to do, two things will always be valuable:

  • The ability to be clear, thoughtful, and purposeful about what you know, the services you offer, and the positive change you can make for people.
  • The accountability that if those changes you make don’t actually work, you’re a real person, who will suffer real consequences and as a result you are here to do your best for others. That’s a far cry from an indifferent robot.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to force humans to do more work than ever based on trust, connection, and understanding then we have before. It’s going to be tough because those things have always been difficult, but they are also what makes us human. I don’t think that’s something to be feared, but embraced. Best to start working on your trust, connection and understanding today.

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