Why we call the noise level on a television “volume.”

One possible reason is because volume is typically the measure of 3 dimensional space. The picture in on your TV is two dimensional, sound adds the 3rd dimension. How much of that 3rd dimension is added changes the volume.

There are so many opportunities in the world to add depth to the work that we do. Here’s a few examples:

  • Go to a great coffee shop. You see the amazing latte art. You taste the great quality beans. You smell the coffee in the air. 3 dimensions.
  • Go to a great store. It looks the way that makes you feel the way it’s inventory should. The inventory itself feels the way you would expect for the way you are looking for. The music, mood and attitude match.
  • Go to a great festival. The sound of the people, the weather (with luck), and the smell of the vendors food all matches the feeling you were expecting.

It’s often that if we can’t put our finger on what’s missing from an experience, it’s probably an entirely different dimension than the terms we are thinking in. The first two dimensions are often more obvious than 3rd, but the 3rd is what completes the magic. Watch your favorite movie on mute if you don’t believe that.

More dimensions add more opportunity to differentiate, to create magic, and to amaze the people we seek to serve. Today, this blog is one dimensional due to my time constraints. In the future, I hope to change that. You should be seeking out your extra dimensions too.