Playing and editing until you have something.

The Sherman Brothers are legendary songwriters for Disney. They came up with a massive number of songs that many people can recognize even if they don’t know who the Sherman brothers are. Music from Mary Poppins and the Jungle Book are prime examples of their skill.

The interesting thing is watching them work, it doesn’t seem that much like work as most people think of it. There doesn’t seem to be much drudgery, just non-stop play and experimentation until they land on something.

If I had to pick out an MO for the Millenial generation and their thoughts on work it would likely be “Make an impact.” The struggle with that is that if anyone could tell people what to do to “make an impact” the job would already be done. In fact, “Make an impact” should be replaced by “Play with things that might not work until you find something useful or entertaining.”

“Making an impact” as I see it can’t be separated from taking a risk, or playing around. That’s why most of the Millenial generation can’t find the job they are looking to satisfy them. Do you think companies like taking risks? Do you think companies like hiring people to play around? It may surprise you, but the answer to those two questions is almost always “No.” That means the only way to “Make an impact” is to play around on your own, take the risks yourself and when you land on something that works, show it to people.

The Sherman brothers chose music, but what can you start playing with today?

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