A good mood room.

I just returned from vacation. That’s why I haven’t been posting much the last week and a half. I had planned to post even on vacation, but I was just too busy with travel and family to do so, but habits return quickly after vacation, so here I am!

When coming back from vacation, it becomes apparent how much associations of mood with locations affect us. We had a great time, yet as soon as we were home, the typical stresses of everyday life seemed to be back for all of us. Nothing was seemingly different, in fact we still wouldn’t be working the next day, yet there it was, this feeling of no longer being carefree. I can’t help but feel it’s just our minds associate home with a certain amount of responsibility which didn’t happen in an unfamiliar place because that association didn’t exist for our hotel.

This leads me to a thought about the day-to-day at home, or even for a business. What about a “good mood” room? A room that you only enter when you are in a good mood, and if that changes, you leave it immediately. As a result, you build only positive associations with the room until suddenly when you are in a bad mood you can walk in and your mind automatically flips positive. Could you imagine how that could change your life at home? Could you imagine how that could transform a business when employees can flip their attitudes in minutes due to positive associations?

I don’t have room for this in my current house, but this is definitely an experiment that I would like to try some day in the future. If you have the ability to do it, give it a try.