Taking over the world with fried chicken.

There is something paradoxical about focus and success. It creates opportunity to expand into other areas of the world. It’s paradoxical, but the ability to be successful in a wide range of industries generally stems from the ability to succeed in one specific area first.

Taking over the world in a dictatorial, raise a robot army, supervillian type way was the funniest idea I could think of in a few minutes, but it’s true. There are companies like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Nestle along with other major brands that massive influence global politics due to their success selling many small, cheap items.

Your ambitions don’t need to be so lofty, but the point stands, if you can find success in one small niche that provides you a base level of providing for you, it allows for more ability to expand into other tangential industries as a way to grow what you do and provide for the world.

A more realistic example for an individual would be a theater actor who makes a living getting parts. Then after saving their money, they decide to direct and act in a play they write. Then after being successful with that, they buy the theater and control more of the plays that go through there. Acting was springboard to all of the other successes without which those others wouldn’t have been possible.

Anyone who has found their passion, or their “fried chicken” should consider themselves privileged because most people haven’t. The only thing you have to do is keep making progress and moving forward to take over “the world” whatever that means to you.