Silent Velcro

If someone generically asked you to improve Velcro, it’s likely your mind would wander to something like strength, or cost to produce it. Fewer people would think about minimizing the sound Velcro makes.

Perhaps someone who invented silent Velcro has a special kind of empathy for noisy environments. However, if someone showed you the old, noisy Velcro next to the new silent Velcro, if they were the same price, it’s highly unlikely anyone would purchase the noisy version, unless it’s to secure something that for security sake the sound acts as an alarm.

There are infinite numbers of these opportunities in the world if we just care enough to look with a fresh set of eyes, or ears in this case. Yet, there seems to be a deficit of people who believe this to be true.

Not everything has to be innovated in a complex way, there is plenty of opportunity for ordinary revelations to occur.

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