Marketing is filling a narrative void.

There is many different times in life where we reflect on who we are. Perhaps because no one has told us. Perhaps because we’ve been shown that we’re not who we thought we were based on our actions and their contradiction to our beliefs.

In a business, filling this identity is marketing.

Marketing fills in a narrative void. If you’re a computer programmer who automates tasks for businesses, you may have to do cold calling to find business. You’ll have to reach out to different companies and ask, “Do you need anything automated?” However, if you identify yourself as “Automating e-mail responses to sales inquiries.” You may find that people come to you. The narrative void has been filled, and people who were looking for someone like you can identify someone like you.

It’s scary to put yourself out there, or to feel like that’s too specific of a label. It’s natural, but it’s also what marketing is. However, to maintain that identity you have to act as your identity, which is much harder as an organization than as a single person.