Hypocrisy as a form of attention-seeking

In the modern era, society is filled with people seeking attention. Hypocrisy has become a tool of getting attention. It’s not one I’d like to use, but many people use it with intent.

It’s been a while, but I remember a politician that tweeted negative things about public education and misspelled “education”. It created a tweet storm from people pointing it out. There are many reasons that someone could misspell things on Twitter such as:

  • Hard to use phone keyboard
  • Workaround character limits by trying to use a word that you can tell what it is with less letters, but incorrect spelling
  • Intentional to make people mad which creates shares and awareness.

In this case, with the context I remember, I’m about 95% certain it was the last point. They knew an intentional misspelling while railing about education would get their message out there. While this is a politician, Hollywood has known for a long time, “There is no such thing as bad publicity.”

I’m not pointing this out to put another tool in your toolbox. I’m pointing it out to inoculate against it. Don’t engage people who do this, it lowers the bar of our society.