Running around the kitchen

When stuck in figuring out how to write something that gets attention, or a presentation that will keep an audience interested, I think about physical analogies.

In our kitchen, we have a pantry which is sort of standalone, my daughter and I chase each other around it, and when each quickly switch direction it becomes a game of tension, laughter, screams and fun. It’s engaging and takes nearly no effort.

This isn’t an unknown phenomenon, but quickly switching direction in a presentation or a writing might be the cure to make something a bit more interesting. It’s something I will be thinking about much more in the future. One of my strengths in life has been mentoring, tutoring and teaching things in a clear concise manner by being able to cut straight to the heart of things, I’ve helped people better understand a number of topics. That’s easy when they are engaged one-on-one. Keeping attention in a presentation is harder.

This is a reminder to myself and anyone else that can use it, a quick tangential change now and again can create humor, tension, curiosity, and otherwise keep the audience engaged.