The gold medal vault between 1932 and 2012.

Young industries don’t have much competition. It’s a great time to get into things if you can convince people it’s a need and can find work.

Later on industries become easier to find work as the people have been convinced but the competition rises rapidly. It’s a great time to be in them if you are a top notch talent.

Below is a great analogy. Look at what 80 years of competitiveness did to the skill level in the vault competition of gymnastics.

It’s likely if you brought the 1932 winner to the present day, he wouldn’t even be able to compete in the slightest. It was an entirely different level of skill required 80 years later.

If you can’t see this clearly in your industry, perhaps you should show someone this video and ask them what they think about the industry they are working in. Is it the equivalent of 1932 and the skill is knowing where the competitions are held? Or is 2012 and the skill is being the stand out?