Asking people their favorite foods to consume…

it nearly always comes back to a solid food rather than a drink.

Why do you think that is?

My thought is that people like structure more than they let on. A solid food item is much more structured than a liquid.

Think of a Neapolitan pizza. You can taste the char on the bottom of the crust, then the yeasty, savoriness of the dough, then a nice hit of sweet, acidic tomatoes, followed by the creamy cheese. It happens in an order that becomes a symphony of flavors for the tongue.

Contrast that with putting all the ingredients in a blender a hitting “puree”. The result is unappetizing. It doesn’t play with the satisfaction signals to our brain in the same organized manner. We aren’t hitting specific notes in a specific order that creates anything magical.

Structure creates magic.

Disneyland chose what every building should look like. What they area should smell like. What you should see off in the distance. They built structure and created magic.

Everywhere you look is an opportunity to create structure, unfortunately, most people don’t recognize it as an opportunity and never bring it up. Does the person in the office who says “Our office is a bit drab,” ever draw up what it could look like, put together a scope of work and propose it the owner? Not very often.

Does the person who says, “Our presentations are a little outdated and don’t hit all the emotional notes they could?” usually take charge and remake the presentations without asking. Not very often.

Everyone sees a different type of structure, or in this case a different type of magic that is missing, few take the actions to create it because it’s difficult, it might not work, and it might not get the reaction we expect. In short, we don’t understand it well, but in reality, we’re not supposed to understand magic, we’re supposed to enjoy it.