Too much ginger isn’t much of a thing.

Unless for some reason you don’t like ginger at all, which is rare in my experience. There really isn’t much to overusing it. I’ve never had someone say “There’s too much ginger in here.”

That’s because ginger is a fairly balanced spice on its own. It’s almost equally sweet and spicy. Due to that self-balancing nature, it’s hard to overdo it. Compare that to chipotle powder which is overwhelmingly hot and you’ll find that it’s easy to over do that by comparison.

There are aspects of life and business that you can’t over do, and there are things that when adding a dash of is more than enough. Here’s a few things you likely can’t overdo:

  • Patience
  • Generosity
  • Commitment

No one has ever said, “I hate that company, they were too patient with me!”

An analogy to the chipotle powder would be challenging a customer. Often times customers are stuck in a stasis, unable to break out of it and do things in a better way. Challenging them to improve can be a good method to help them get where they want to go, but ultimately too often and you’ll seem irritating, like a know-it-all, and out of touch with their reality.

Go all in on the things you can’t overdo, but find a way to measure the things you can. Do your best to ensure you don’t burn yourself with that spice.