Following a handful of people on twitter.

Exposes how little meaning there is in most posts.

I recently reduced the number of people I follow on twitter to only a handful of people and it’s been eye opening. These handful of people, while being the ones whose posts I enjoy the most, still mostly produce content that I don’t care about.

Each posts is likely for someone, but it’s most likely that nearly everything in your feed isn’t for you. The algorithm is doing is best to make sure that it is, but that can mean that using its “educated guesses” that 1% of posts resonate with you rather than a more random sample resonating 0.1% of the time.

How many people are willing to read 100 books to find 1 that resonates? Not many, and yet on social media we are spending more time than ever following information that doesn’t matter to us.

Many people today feel like they have less time than ever, most of it has to do with wading through information that they don’t actually need, hoping to stumble upon something that might be useful. That’s not totally a problem if you recognize randomness can have value in learning things you never knew you wanted to learn about. The problem is when you don’t have time for the things you do care about.

As a society we are still learning to make the best use of the tools that are available to us. The amount of data present today for the average person has never existed over thousands of years of human history. We’re still learning how to figure it out, even if Twitter has been in our lexicon for a decade or more now. It’s best if you think deeply about how you want to use it as well.

I’ll be rethinking about what I post just as closely as I think about what I consume.