Deadlines vs routines

The way I see it, there are two ways to work. Deadline-based or routine-based.

Deadline based obviously works better for work where there is no routine. For example, if I’m launching a new product that’s never been seen, there may be tons of one off tasks that don’t repeat daily as everything is new. Drawing a line in the sand for big milestones and figuring out how to deliver on that is part of the effort.

However, for work that doesn’t fall under that umbrella, there is routines. If I write ads for magazines, a way to work might simply be to crank out 4 ads a day. Are they better than the previous ones? If so, run them. Are they not? Keep running the current ones. Focus on the routine every day, and eventually the results that you produce will get better as the routine leads to increased skills, more data points, and better results. You put in the same effort daily, and ship when something good is made.

Have you thought at all about how you like to work? Or how you are forced to? Perhaps if one method isn’t working for you, thinking if the other is possible is a great starting point.