Never On News Network.

I’m thinking about starting the “Never On News Network”. Literally a news network that let’s you know if their is a world ending crisis, other than that it shows nothing.

The news today no longer seems like a source for staying informed. It’s more like an outrage machine, a time suck, and a moneymaking machine by selling ads. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to open your morning to see if there is anything world changing and find out, that in fact, there isn’t.

The webpage would be mostly static. One big box that says, “Today, there is no news to report.”

In the event of a nuclear war, financial catastrophe, or some other major impact, there would be a quick video talking about it to let you know, then you can do your own research and choose to follow it as necessary. There would be no additional news. No extra followups on it. No deeper dives in the days to come.

The site doesn’t need to sell ads because it costs little to run.

We are now bombarded by too much news, wouldn’t it be refreshing if the alternative to the 24 hour news cycle is the “Never On News Network” where we are “Almost Never On.”?

I’m thinking about making it happen, but won’t unless this idea spreads on the big, wide internet. Let me know your thoughts.