Microphone reliability and quality in a computer.

For a long time the quality of your computer’s default microphone and it’s associated reliability didn’t particularly matter. It was a box to be checked off, if a computer didn’t have it, you’d likely buy one that did, but it quality wasn’t a particular deal breaker.

Why would it be? What did people use them for? Possibly some short videos. Possibly practicing a power point presentation.People who were serious about the sound quality, like musicians, podcasters, youtubers, and other content creators had external microphones that sounded much better.

Enter coronavirus which triggers a mass “Work from Home” movement. All of a sudden, you’re on Zoom or Teams meetings daily. All of a sudden, you’re spending a lot of time hearing people through terrible sound quality, or being asked to repeat what you said. It’s getting irritating fast. Sure there is external options. However, these meeting systems are here to stay now. As we start to get a bit more mobile, it will be a pain to carry an external microphone everywhere. It seems to me the microphone just upped its importance level to a computer purchase. If a manufacturer could tout their unbelievable clarity of their built-in option it would be a huge selling point. Dell, HP, or any other computer maker out there, if you’re listening please do this!

In the grand scheme of things this is a look at catalysts. There are events in the world, at large scales and small, where once we see the opportunity, we can’t go back. This is one of them. This little feature didn’t matter much, now it does. In my experience, MOST people and organizations are oblivious to these. It takes a person who thinks critically, who asks questions about the world on the daily, and who has empathy to understand challenges of others to make sense of them. I haven’t heard much chatter about computers touting their microphone quality, but when I do, I will pay a bit more attention to that company because they must be the ones paying attention to the world, and that excites me about what else they are looking to do.

Perhaps you can find a way to be this forward-looking in your industry too, and when you do, tell people what you see.

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