Honored to “fight” alongside you.

Can we change that kind of language? I get it, it’s provocative, but there are better actions to take.

Honored to…

  • …deliberate
  • …debate
  • …brainstorm
  • …message
  • …lead
  • …legislate
  • …represent

Your language represents your thoughts which get converted into actions. In our politics, most politicians campaign on “fighting” for you. Is it any wonder the state we’re in, that no one can agree on anything? I mean in the middle of a fight I’ve never accepted someone else’s viewpoint ever. Doing that is for much calmer situations.

In this case, politics is just a visible example. Think about the verbs you use for yourself and whether they are actually doing you any good in the actions you’re trying to take in the world. If not, perhaps it’s time to up your vocabulary and see how that changes your behaviors and those around you.