The world runs on belief.

Consider a bad economy. A restaurant owner wants to do his best to make things better for everyone in the community. People are on bad times, he pays his staff as much as he can, but he lowers his profit margins to nearly nothing to make sure the hard hit community can afford a good meal. He even gives free food away to the needy.

His two goals are at odds with each other, by raising staff wages to give the community and influx of cash by sharing what would normally be his profits, he’s unable to lower his food to his cheapest possible cost. If he went the other way, he’d have cheaper food, but possibly less people with money to buy it as those who work for him aren’t spending as much in the local community. So either way, it seems like the economy can’t turn around, and yet it always does. The economy turns around because it runs on belief. When the pessimism ends and the optimism starts, then the economy turns around. As a result, his actions while contradictory, may spread the most optimism for people and create the economic turnaround he’s looking for.

What’s the point of this parable?

If the world runs on belief, then choosing to be a positive force of optimism and energy in any endeavor your are taking on professionally or as an extra-curricular is a skill, and a valuable one at that. If you can shift others beliefs in the positive direction, you are making an impact.

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