One day I accidentally stumbled across Saxsquatch on one of his free Sunday night concerts. At that point in my life, I didn’t ever put on saxophone music, or jazz or anything similar. After having a stressful week, Saxsquatch was the mood that I never knew I needed to take the edge off. His renditions of popular tunes are made soothing by his skill and the silky, slow, smooth sounds of the saxophone, while his outfit and moves just leave you to having a good time listening.

Plenty of people are looking for something to delight them , possibly in a way they never anticipated before. Can you bring good humor to a serious job in a way that makes things better for everyone? Can you bring sensitivity to a cutthroat industry in a way that makes workers stick it out. There are so many possibilities and it’s quite often that we don’t notice them until someone shows us. Taking it upon ourselves, we have the opportunity to show our thoughts on what’s possible to others everyday, except we don’t. We think no one will care. We think we’re not that great. We think it’s not our place.

That’s the wrong way to think.

Saxsquatch shows us something different is possible. I mean the saxophone already isn’t mainstream music for most people, but the outfit on top of it?!?! Turns out, I love it. He plays a lot of great music for free, yeti never complains, so he probably loves it too(Pun intentional and stolen from a joke I saw recently on reddit).

Saxsquatch is the Sunday evening I never knew I needed, until he showed me. Check him out some time and perhaps while watching, think about how you could do something to delight people too.