Now hiring comedians

If you search for comedian jobs as I did in the image below, you’ll find in the entirety of the United States not a single soul is hiring a comedian. More than three hundred million people and not a single comedian job?

Sheesh. That’s brutal. Forget about comedy.

Except we all love comedy. Humor helps us through the hard times. It’s makes the good times even better and when someone can consistently deliver it to us in the form of standup, TV series or movie, it makes us happy.

The world is quickly shifting in a way that the jobs we need, the most interesting work, the work that can’t be replaced by software, can only be done by those who create their own role. Even if you have a job, there might be new paths forward for you internally, but only if you take their effort to show others what you can do, or what you see for the future.

Jokes don’t write themselves, and we’re ready to consume them when they’re good, but nobody is going to hire you from a job listing from them. They are going to hire someone who already picked themselves, already writes funny jokes, and already has an audience who enjoys them.

Just like comedy, if you have something interesting to show the world, stop waiting, it’s time to create something to show us. Even internally at your company, you may want to stop waiting for someone to give you a certain role, and start creating the role that only you can do.

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