The sliding scale.

I recently came across the image below online. It’s a reminder how as new players enter an industry, the scale changes. Early on in an industry, intuitively a consumer can understand the 1-10 scale of quality. However, what happens as more innovations come along? What happens when the game that used to be the greatest of all-time, a 10 out of 10, is now the 30th best game ever?

Obviously, the scale shifts. We end up with what we see below. The lower end of the scale becomes entirely useless because games that used to get those scores don’t even rank as the skill level rises commensurate with the amount of competition in the industry.

Over time we have to be careful with the sliding scale, by not paying attention it can become entirely meaningless, and from time to time may even need redefinition. The world isn’t static, and neither is your way of judging it. Don’t forget that.