Alvin Zhou

Alvin has a youtube channel about cooking. It only has a few videos currently, likely because all his recipes generally take multiple days, and his video seem to have high quality music to them. I imagine between trying out these recipes and producing the video each takes a while, and who knows what other commitments Alvin has.

The thing that stands out about Alvin’s videos is how calm they are. It’s like he invented a new axis on the cooking show. One that wouldn’t have been possible on a normal network where they need sound and engagement. It’s just smooth, slow music on Alvin’s channel and some subtitles. It’s a new way to take in a cooking show and just what someone stress out might need. His food looks excellent too.

If you haven’t seen his work, I highly recommend checking it out, even if just for an exercise in seeing a different way to present similar work to your contemporaries.

Here’s Alvin’s Brownie Video.