“If only I didn’t…

have a job. Then I could work on my dreams.” Except most people’s dreams actually involve teams of people. Like making furniture. I’ve talked to a couple people who would love to build furniture all day. That’s great, except building all day, doesn’t pay the bills. You would need to have additional team to help you. Someone to do the sales/marketing. Someone to ship orders.

You don’t need to ditch the job. That’s only the perceived obstacle of the moment. You have so much infrastructure to build:

  • A portfolio of work
  • A website for sharing the portfolio
  • A marketing plan for getting people to the website
  • A system for selling things to people who want to buy them
  • A system for managing the work and the materials that need to be done.
  • A system for updating that portfolio of work, marketing, sales approaches, and the work itself.

The job isn’t your problem, if anything at this point, the job is an asset that pays the bills while the other stuff gets put in place. Once the business is functioning, the job becomes a liability holding you back from doing the best work of your life, then it is time to switch.

P.S. This also applies to launching things inside an existing company. It always feels like the existing responsibilities need to be dropped if we want to move forward, but really what is need is a plan, a direction, motivation, and a rhythm even if it’s not full-time yet.