Nintendo is a great company.

It was founded as a playing card company, yet with technological changes, they found themselves adapting and eventually releasing a game console. A certain famous plumber character later, and the rest is history. It’s easy to take for granted that Nintendo would make the pivot that it did, however, that is far more rare than common. Nintendo seeing where the winds were blowing and seeing themselves as something less narrowly defined than playing cards gave them the ability to make that shift.

In a world filled with Playstations and XBox consoles, which tend to compete on better graphics, more power, sound, etc., Nintendo always seems to maintain it’s focus on something different, perpendicular to the rest of the industry. That focus keeps them relevant. I’m not sure how they ingrained this so strongly in the company, where other companies constantly fail in this regard.

One contradiction that I notice in life consistently is that your actions need a laser focus to benefit from maximizing your efforts and the rewards from them, yet your vision needs to be flexible to recognize when the rules, structures, and systems of the world around you have changed. If not, you can’t take advantage of the newly available information. Nintendo is a great company because somehow, they’ve been able to ingrain this into the company. Over decades, people have come and left the company and yet it seems to have the same spirit intact. They don’t seem to have any Ship of Theseus issues as a company.

Maintaining consistent thought patterns and actions, while recognizing a changing world and taking advantage of that isn’t common, but it’s definitely worth seeking out.