If you were founding a town…

what needs to be done?

Here’s some thoughts:

  • Houses need to be built
  • People need to be convinced to move there
  • Businesses and institutions need to be created to distribute goods and create jobs

Of course, each of those influences the others. Which people are going to move here? What kind of houses do they want? How many of them are coming? The houses and the number of people are going to determine the infrastructure that is needed. The people and their tastes also influence the businesses that are going to exist there. The businesses going to influence who moves there.

This interconnection of problems and challenges is an opportunity in a few ways:

  1. There is no such thing as perfect in this problem. That’s freeing because you don’t have to bother with it.
  2. There is infinite room for experimentation. Making the perfect town can be a “life’s work” filled with purpose of making life better for the people who decide to move to your town.
  3. Your experiences, skills, expertise, and choices will help form the basis of the town no matter what decisions you choose, and that’s alright.

These complex problems are the ones that are future proof. There won’t be a software that comes in and takes the work away (if there is, we’re living in some fully-automated society). These problems are also fun, engaging, and endlessly improvable. Perhaps, it’s time to rethink about the problems you are choosing to spend your time on. Choosing the right problems to work on is important (click this link to read more).