Does your industry have breaking news?

In the stock market, there is always “Breaking News”. This stock is moving. That stock is tanking. Politics. Laws. Technology. It’s all constantly in flux. As a result, it’s pretty easy to build a following if you have something insightful to say routinely about those issues. People are constantly looking for what’s changing.

However, comparing stocks and financial advice to copywriting, you’ll find there isn’t a whole lot of breaking news in the copywriting industry. People are still people. They are still motivated by the same things. While the products and services copywriting sells may change, they copywriting industry doesn’t all that much.

That leaves two options if you’re a copywriter:

  1. Be patient and wait for only those who are looking for a copywriter at that exact moment.
  2. Attach yourself to a different industry that has breaking news and tie it back to what you do.

For #1, it’s simple, keep building your portfolio, put it on the web. Get better clients, do better work, show up where people looking for copywriting show up. This is the patient path.

For #2, you may want to get your name out to a broader audience so that your name comes up more often in general. You could tie your work to the stock market. Talk about why you think an up-and-coming e-commerce site is going to be big because of the elements of their copywriting and how great it is. You are connecting your knowledge and understanding to a different industry where people are looking for great insight. The hope is someone those people know will be talking about looking for a writer and your name will come up as someone they’ve seen talking about that online.

We aren’t all in industries where it’s easy to spread the word, but there is opportunities to find workarounds for that daily.