Give me a new model of the world.

When people are blown away by a presentation or idea, it seems to me it comes down to one thing, “Give a new model of the world.”

When you present a story, an invention, a movie, or an idea, the thing that people are looking for is something that fundamentally shifts the way they see and operate in the world.

A good example of this is “Building a Story Brand” by Donald Miller. Donald applies the structure of the “Hero’s Journey”, a time honored storytelling tradition, to making your customer the hero. This produces a new framework for companies to be clear about stating their mission, services, and what they do. It creates a new model of what marketing is in their head.

I’ve written a few articles and while each focused on a specific topic that solved a challenge, when I tried to put them together for a short e-book format, it just wasn’t coming together for me, and that’s a head scratcher because:

  • Each article solves a problem.
  • All the problems are relevant to the same audience.
  • All the articles lead into each other.

Yet, for me the book was missing what I enjoy about the books I like. Reflecting on what was missing led me to this idea. Reading an article we expect to pick up something useful, but we don’t expect our world to change. It’s a small investment. Reading a book is a larger investment, so we expect a bigger pay off.

“Give me a new model.” That’s the payoff we want.

After reflecting for the book, I realize this is true for just about any idea that really blows us away. Anything that changes what we think is possible, creates a new model, and gets us excited.

What can you give someone a new model of today?