When the waves turn minutes to hours

Gordon Lightfoot sang it best in “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.” The dilation or expansion of time is perceived based on the situation. Patience is a great thing, however not every situation allows it.

So what can someone do to be more patient if they are in a situation that doesn’t allow it?

First, get out of that situation. The situations that don’t allow it are emergencies. Natural disasters. Financial distress. Failing health. Start by doing nothing but getting out of the disaster. You wouldn’t stand in the path of the tornado and be patient for it to go away. You CREATE the distance between you and the tornado with any means available.

After that, and only after that, can you be patient and figure out the next steps to going where you want.

Patience is a virtue, but when staring down a disaster, it’s unaffordable. Fix the disaster or protect yourself first.