If they cared that much about _______, they must care about _______ too.

Above are some bars of chocolate. The scenery on them was painted on inside of a mold prior to the chocolate being poured inside. There is artistry here. Someone decided what every aspect of these bars should look like, taste, and eventually, how they will be packaged. A thousand decisions about something that is almost inconsequential in the grand scope of life. However, by not treating it that way, by treating it’s quality as something important, they created something worth taking notice of. Something that makes everyone look at it and say I want that.

Thinking through the psychology of it, it comes down to:

"If they cared that much about _________. They must care about _________ too."

In this case, it’s if they cared that much about how the chocolates looked. They must care about how it tastes/the quality of the ingredients/the care in preparation too.

When making someone else care about something that matters to you, showing how you care is an important step. We can see it in these chocolate bars by the time we can imagine the decoration taking, but it’s not always as easy to see it in other areas of life. It’s on you to show it to someone.