Rhythms of success

When reflecting on the best days I have, it seems to me that there is more with how the day felt, rather than how much was accomplished. Don’t get me wrong, accomplishing something each day is important, but some days those accomplishments feel chaotic, and others feel more orderly and rhythmic. Those orderly, rhythmic accomplished days feel like success more than the chaotic ones, even with similar levels of accomplishment.

This gets to an important matter, success has a feel to it. If you want to achieve something, knowing that feel is important. Knowing what rhythm you need is important and for different tasks, those rhythms may be different. Some people have an hourly rhythm, doing their tasks, getting in the flow, going on for a long time. Some people have a daily rhythm, each day brings something different but day-to-day the days are similar.

Some people have no rhythm at all. That is each and everyday is unique, and they like that.

If you haven’t thought about what kind of rhythm it takes for you to be successful at your endeavors, perhaps you should.