Shakespeare’s quantity and quality.

You may not be an interior design, but your work may require the same tools set to make an impact, taste, skill, and awareness of your work. It often seems like the easiest way to get there is to create one amazing piece of work. That may work better in architecture than in painting, but even in interior design it falls flat. While it seems like making one piece of work is the easy way, the problem is there is no way to know that one piece of work will be enjoyed by many people.

There is a reason Shakespeare’s works are still studied today. He wrote some of the most amazing pieces of literature the world has ever known, however the ones we often study in public schools like Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet, are his masterworks. Do you think when he sat down to write them he thought, “This time I’m going to write something GOOD!”

Of course not!

Shakespeare was a prolific writer, excluding other works, he wrote 39 different plays. The everyday person doesn’t know all of these, but they likely know Romeo and Juliet. That’s because doing the work is important. The audience, not the creator chooses the masterpiece. Doing work where taste, opinion, and skill matters, requires courage and patience. First, the courage that you will eventually reach the skill level where people take notice and second patience because it takes time to build a portfolio of work. It’s unknown the order of Shakespeare’s plays were created, but there is some consensus of opinion, and many of the famous ones are not his early plays. He had to develop too.

In the case of most people, portfolios are best measured by the decade. Doing the work will hone your taste, opinion and skill, that’s why the easiest way to success will always be creating more, not less.

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