Believing in what isn’t there.

Mythology is crafted because it’s a useful tool for creating behaviors. That could be mythology of how a person got rich where their story is embellished a bit. It could be the mythology of how a country is founded. It could be your own personal mythology of why you do the work that you do.

Mythology doesn’t imply not true in my context. It’s simply that no one can ever prove otherwise. It’s not something that occupies the physical realm. Can someone really tell you otherwise about why you went into medicine if you’re a doctor? I don’t think they can.

For many people, their personal mythology is a source of struggle. The stories they tell themselves about how to behave, their intelligence, their status, and where they belong in the world tends to be more self-limiting then empowering in my experience. If you’re going to believe in something that isn’t there, at least believe in something that lifts you up, not drags you down. Believe positives about yourself that you can will into existence, instead of negatives that do the same.