Bullwhip Griffin

That’s the title of an old time Disney movie.

It’s not that high in production quality, though it has a Disney family feel. It’s a study in watching a company improve and get better, at least it is if you’ve seen Bullwhip Griffin as well as more modern Disney movies.

Disney has a style, you may like it. You may not, but it is certainly there. If you watch a Disney movie, even without seeing the introduction, you likely know who made it. That development of style didn’t happen by accident. It was purposeful. It was practiced. It was likely even documented internally.

Disney knows who they are serving, families. They’ve worked over decades to produce a style that fits an audience making everyone in the family relatively happy watching the movie. They have some humor only adults will get, but they have “lighter” subjects and stories. They have characters and sets that always look a certain way.

It’s likely your work would benefit from the consistent practice of creating and shipping that Disney has done for decades. Look at their Disney Plus offering, it’s filled with nothing but productions from Disney. In fact, Disney has done so much work, they can create new pieces of content from the scraps, things like Disney Zenimation, which is just animation landscapes and music to create a calm feeling in you.

That’s the benefit of creating consistently for long periods of time. Eventually, every piece of work increases the value of the next piece of work because your skill rises. Your reputation rises. Your work is available for reuse and repurposing. People find you and your portfolio is larger for each successive person that discovers you. All of these compound into something amazing over time.

Everyday you have the choice to do some interesting work. To be consistent and develop something that people want to interact with. To get better at a craft. To have some fun. It doesn’t have to feel like work, but you should see that the “Disney Magic” is more like “Disney Patience” after all it’s sticking around for this long that made them a household name. You have this opportunity to if you just pick something to create consistently.