The excuse of time and money.

Really likely means money. If you had that, of course you would have the time.

And even the money isn’t it entirely because more often than not, the money you need could be much lower if willing to sacrifice a few things and be a bit resourceful.

At it’s core, it’s an excuse of comfort. If you reframe it that way, it becomes much more truthful and much more easier to move past the cliche excuses.

“I’m not comfortable doing that.”

Great. At least the facts are out there. Do you want the things that come along with doing whatever “that” is? The work? The status? The income? The responsibility? If the answer is yes, then the next step is determining if those things are worth overcoming the discomfort. If not, stop. If so, continue.

One of the best pieces of advice I ever heard:

“Everything you still want lies on the other side of what’s comfortable for you. If it wasn’t you would have it already.”

I don’t know who said it.

If you took take the excuse of time and money and transform it to what it actually is, which is comfort, some real conversations can start to happen to find the courage. You just have to decide if what is on the other side of that comfort is worth the “costs”.