#dedication isn’t much of a thing on social media…

which is sad. In the world of the internet, someone sticking to something long-term doesn’t seem to really be all that important. I personally can’t think of something more important than this.

Dedication is a tool to de-risk most of your “investments”. Remember buying that guitar so that you could learn it and be a rockstar? Dedicating your days to practicing and playing gigs in clubs for years is a great way to build a following. It minimizes the chance that paying good money for that guitar was a bad investment.

Remember that website you paid to have built for your business? Staying in that line of work for a long time so that the website returns the largest possible number of customers is a great way to make sure that the website pays for itself. Quitting a couple months later on that business may find you in the hole financially on the website.

There are many things that are risky in the world. However, if you are building something like your own skills, a business, or even an invention, dedication is a tool for de-risking the investment. You’ll always figure things out if you can stick with them long enough. What that timeframe is however, is anyone’s guess.

#dedication should be a thing. Send a story of dedication if you have one on twitter with #dedication. If you don’t have one, start thinking about one you would like to write a couple years for now and start dedicating yourself to it.